December 3, 2023, Sunday

A Tough Task for KMC is to Reuniting the street people with their family

Kathmandu Metropolitan City(KMC) has rescued 285 people from the street so far under the campaign of making Nepal a ‘Street person Free Zone’. The campaign was started on the occasion of 25th Metropolitan Day on 29th of Mangsir.

A team of 50 members from Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal Police and Manavsewa Ashram are deployed for rescue work from 8-11 pm every night.

Reuniting the people rescued from the streets with their family and relatives has been a challenge to the rescuers. The rescuers had trouble in tracking down their home because they hide the real information about themselves with the fear of being sent back to their respective home.

Kalimati, Dhalku, Naya Bazar, Indrachowk, Pashupati, Baudha are some areas of the valley with the highest number of street people.

Among the total rescued people, 129 male, 14 female and 2 children have already been sent to their respective home after proper psychological counseling.