“8.75 percent Prime Debenture 2085” allotted to applicants

Kathmandu, April 12

The debenture issue of Prime Commercial Bank have been distributed on Chaitra 26. The company has informed that the bonds have been distributed as per the demand of the investors who have duly applied. The company has issued debenture called “8.75 percent Prime Debenture 2085” for a period of 8 years from Falgun 28 to Chaitra 13. The company had issued 35 lakh units of debenture worth Rs. 3 arba 50 crore at Rs. 1,000 per lot.

Out of the total debenture issued, 21 lakh units worth Rs. 2 arba 10 crore were sold through private placement and the remaining of a total of 14 lakh units of debenture worth Rs 1 arba 40 crore have been sold to the general public.

In addition, the company has requested to make sure that the amount has been credited to the bank account of the concerned applicants from Chaitra 30 onwards. The sales manager of the company is RBB Merchant Banking Limited.