19 billion to widen Muglin-Nagdhunga road, Market area 4 lanes and Nagdhunga-Naubise 3 lanes

Kathmandu, March 3

The government is planning to upgrade the Muglin-Nagdhunga road, the main road entering the capital. The narrow Nagdhunga-Muglin road will be made similar to the Narayanghat-Muglin road section.

The Department of Roads (Narayanghat-Muglin) Nagdhunga-Muglin Road Project is moving ahead with the Muglin-Nagdhunga road expansion process.

Amritmani Rimal, head of the Nagdhunga-Muglin road project, said that the market area is being expanded to 4 lanes, open area to 2 lanes and Nagdhunga-Nauvise section to 3 lanes (Narayanghat-Muglin).

The length of this road section is 96 kilometers.

Work in three stages

Rimal informed that this road section is being upgraded by dividing it into three packages. Nagdhunga-Nauvise, Nauvise-Malekhu and Malekhu-Muglin roads have been divided into three packages.

The scheme has already sought the intention of construction business interested in constructing Nagdhunga-Nauvise and Nauvise-Malekhu road sections. The pre-evaluation qualification of the construction business who have expressed interest in constructing Nagdhunga-Nauvise and Nauvise-Malekhu sections is being checked. Chief Rimal informed that more than 40 construction business have already submitted applications for these two packages.

It is in the process of seeking intent for pre-evaluation of the Malekhu-Muglin section. The plan aims to complete the evaluation of construction business who express income for the construction of Nagdhunga-Nauvise and Nauvise-Malekhu sections by 2077.

Construction technicians who are technically capable of upgrading roads will be initially listed. Financial proposals will be sought from the listed construction business. The construction business who are technically strong and offer less money will be given the responsibility of upgrading the road.

Market area 4 lanes

The scheme will upgrade the road to 2 lanes, 3 lanes and 4 lanes. The Nagdhunga-Nauvise road section will have 3 lanes. On the Nagdhunga-Nauvise road section, vehicles have to climb a steep hill. An additional, dedicated lane will be extended to facilitate freight vehicles on steep climbs. Service lanes will be constructed to accommodate local vehicles in settlements and markets.

Roads in settlement and market areas will have 4 lanes including service lanes. Roads in thin settlements and hilly areas will have two lanes.

21 bridges and 10 sky bridges

21 bridges will be constructed on Muglin-Nawise road section. The bridge will have four lanes. The side bridges will be constructed according to the width of the road without demolishing the existing bridges. 10 sky bridges will also be constructed in the market area to facilitate the locals to cross the road.

Costs around Rs 19 billion

With the expansion of Narayanghat-Muglin section, the work of Muglin-Nagdhunga has been tried to move forward. The Muglin-Narayanghat road has been widened in May, 2075 BS. The road has been widened to two lanes with the loan assistance of the World Bank.

The Muglin-Nagdhunga road is also being expanded with the loan assistance of the World Bank. The World Bank has agreed to provide loan to expand the road. It is estimated that it will cost around Rs 19 billion to upgrade this road. For this, the Government of Nepal will have to spend sufficient funds with the assistance of the World Bank. The design has been prepared to upgrade the road.

The road design has been prepared by consultant ICT. The consultant has already handed over the design to the road department in 2018.

The width of the Muglin-Nagdhunga road is not one-sided, but two-lane and some-and-a-half-lane, ‘Rimal said.

The policy and program of the Fiscal Year 076/77 states that the federal government will not build roads below 2 lanes. Prithvi Highway is a national road. It is under the control of the federal government.

The maximum width of the highway, built in 1974, is less than 2 lanes. The main road entering the Kathmandu Valley is being developed in line with Asian standards.