October 3, 2022, Monday

18.14 crore people in the world are infected with corona

The number of corona virus (Covid-19) infected worldwide has increased to 18.14. And the death toll has risen to 39.29 lakh.

The pace of corona virus has slowed down in the United States, which is considered a superpower in the world. The total number of infected people here has exceeded 3.36 crore and more than 6.04 lakh people have died.

India ranks second in the world in terms of corona infections and third in terms of deaths. In the last 24 hours, 37,566 new cases of corona have come to light in the country and the number of infected people has increased to 33,16,897.

Brazil now ranks third in terms of infections. Cases of corona infection are on the rise again in the country and so far it has affected more than 1.84 crore people while more than 5.14 lakh patients have died.

France ranks fourth in terms of infections, with more than 58.32 million people infected with the corona virus so far and more than 1.11 million patients dying.