10,932 workers died in foreign employment

10,932 workers died in foreign employment

More than 1,800 Nepali workers have lost their lives in the last decade. On the other hand, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has identified six Gulf countries as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Malaysia as the destination countries for Nepali workers.

Looking at the government data in recent years, we can easily find that many Nepali workers have died in the Gulf and Malaysia. Looking at the data, the death rate of Nepali workers employed abroad in a period of 13 years is more than 100 percent.
Meanwhile, in the last 14 years, 10,932 workers have died during foreign employment, which is termed unsafe and forced employment, according to the data released by the ministry.

The issue of how many women and men has not been made public. The number of dead seems to be increasing as the death rate increases every year. According to government data, 78 Nepali workers died in the fiscal year 2065-066, while last year the number was 1,479.

According to government data, one thousand and six people in the financial year 2071-072, eight hundred and twenty-six people in the financial year 2072-073, seven hundred and fifty-eight people in the financial year 2073-074, eight hundred and twenty-six people in the financial year 2074-075, financial year 2075- Seven hundred and sixty-three people died in 2076, six hundred and seventy-two in fiscal year 2076-077 and one thousand two hundred and forty-three in fiscal year 2077-078 while working abroad.

Meanwhile, during the period of 14 years, 2,125 Nepali workers have suffered amputations during foreign employment. In particular, there is a risk of accidents and death of Nepali workers due to lack of safe workplaces and decent labor.